Installment 2a

February 23, 2008

Two thousand years is a long time to be out of touch with one’s self, and Crownreba, his mind adjusting to the startling conditions of his re-awakening,
was undergoing a major mental stretch. The human amino acids that filtered through Perera and thus into him, inciting his brain’s neurons to their full capacity, had worked almost too well. Perera received a jolt of Crownreba’s memory before the mage was able to regain his footing and erect a temporary shield around his thoughts. Now was not the time to scare the the young man, or this creature, Mina, who carried them both about in her mind.
Perera, the young Iguarian, had affected a pytoration transfer to a host without employing the necessary sequence of enchanted runes required to achieve the altered state. Unaware of the full extent of what happened to him that last day on Iguaria, Perera had taken Crownreba with him into the subconscious mind of a young girl named Mina.
This new knowledge convinced Crownreba that, the god of all gods, Zumethra had made a wise choice in selecting him to lead the Iguarians in their first contact with the human race. Perera’s act of pytoration, seemingly accomplished by free will alone, was an indication his charge was more powerful than anyone had suspected at the time of the welshing when he and fifteen others were chosen from one thousand five year olds and brought to the Tower to begin their training as Guardians. Only one could lead the Iguarians and the humans in a fruitful alliance, and Perera had been the chosen one.
Rux Pencilian and his clan had made two mistakes in their attempt to claim the Powers of the Fifteen Tower Principles for their own design: they believed no one was aware of their plans, and they had underestimated the council of gods urging to Crownreba to be prepared for all things bearing an inkling of treachery.